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Broke, jobless and hungry. I was living in Rochester, Minnesota applying to every job in the City with only a few options left. With no money and only a few Ramen Noodles I decided to go to the Food Shelf. Little did I know there was a two week waiting period to receive food. As I was leaving I saw a hotel that I didn’t apply to yet. I had nothing to lose so I walked in and was hired on the spot!
Now ten pounds heavier and a few dollars in my pocket I started talking about the things that I know best, Nutrition and Exercise. A few weeks later one of the Maids over heard me talking and asked if I could help her with her nutrition and building a program. I wrote down a plan for her on a Yellow Post it Note and one week later she came up to me and said she lost 10 pounds. She was excited to tell me the good news and insisted I become a Personal Trainer. I told her I applied and no one is hiring so she gave me another option, do it all yourself. Make a post on Craigslist and get started by helping others. That night I went home and started my business. One month later I moved up to the Twin Cities that month and kept on working on my new goal.
I started a website and took a paycheck from one the businesses I was working at to buy some in home gym equipment. I started posting on Craigslist more often and people were emailing looking for help. All of this developed into what I’m doing now.
Currently I travel all throughout the Twin Cities to peoples homes to help them with their fitness goals. Everyone has their own goal and I help them get to where they want to be. Every Fitness and Nutrition program is designed for your own individual needs. I work with everyone from the age of 8 to 86 years old. No matter what your fitness level is I will structure your workout to fit your fitness level. 6 years of hard work and determination I have turned a starving post grad student (myself) with a Exercise Science degree into a 5 am – to 7:30 work day everyday

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