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Body Fat analysis

Track your body fat percentage and overall strength each month with TBASS At Home Fitness. Focus on areas you need the most work on with nutritional guidance and specific workouts. Keep working hard and get your abs of steel you have been waiting for!

About In Home Personal Training

TBASS AT HOME FITNESS brings the gym to your doorstep. With resistance bands, ab wheels and body measurement equipment you will have a gym in your living room within seconds.

Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain it your Personal Trainer Tyler Bass will develop individualized training and nutrition programs for you and your family. Sign your spouse or friends up for no additional cost. 

Clients start seeing results within the first week of their program. Healthy lifestyle starts with everyone. When you have everyone on board failure is not an option. 

Featured Classes

HIIT training

In home personal training is going to change your life for the better! In TBASS’ workouts you will feel a tighter core, look better in the mirror and have more energy throughout the day. Feel younger even with 

Flexibility postures

Being taught Yoga for your first time or your 100th it is always a good experience. Having a Certified Yoga Instructor arrive at your doorstep is the next best thing! Relax and focus on your body. 

Online Personal training

Let’s break it down like this, no matter where you are I will help you reach your fitness goals. Create a profile by clicking the sign up button and let’s get you started!

Your Hardest Workout!

In home personal training will revolutionize your workout experience. With every part of your program being designed for your goals you will have a program that works. 

What's your goal?

Lose weight or gain it within weeks with your custom training program. All plans are built around your fitness goals. 

What Our Costumers say

Adriana and Anders

I wouldn't have started working out without Tyler. He is so positive and motivating, and my husband and I truly look forward to our sessions with him. We made an investment in ourselves and training with Tyler is the best money we've ever spent.

Amy and Steve

Tyler is awesome! My husband and I have been able to work out with him for over a month now. We are already seeing results. We really appreciate how we can work out together but Tyler customizes the workouts to meet our individual goals. He is also a great resource for nutrition. We are so glad we found him!!

It's time to crank it out!

Train with the Best

In home personal training travels all throughout the Twin Cities

Working hours

Monday- Firday 5:00 AM -7:30 PM
(Phone until 17:30 Hrs)
Saturday - 10:30 AM -5:00 PM
Sunday - Closed

We are here

Plymouth, Minnesota 55442
Phone: 763671024
Email: Tyler@tbassathomefitness.com