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What Is At Home Fitness

1:1 or Couples Training

Work 1:1 with your Personal Trainer and workout with a partner for no extra cost. 

Nutrition Programs

Individualized Nutrition Programs are designed for you body type and lifestyles. 

HIIT or Weight Lifting

Choose between High Intensity Interval Training workouts or traditional Weight Lifting and reach your goals.

Body Measurements

With body measurements and physical fitness test once a month we will show how many inches you are down and your strength increase. 

Your Personal Trainer

Bringing the gym to your doorstep. TRX straps, resistance bands and more.

Tyler Bass

Bachelors of Arts in Exercise Science/Kinesiology

Body Measurements, before and after pictures and weekly weigh ins will help you get to your goal. 

At Home Fitness

At Home Fitness travels all over the Twin Cities area to train you in the convenience of your own home. 

Body Fat analysis

Track your body fat percentage and overall strength every month with body measurements and a test out. Every program is individualized for your fitness goals. 


At Home Fitness is affordable and convenient. Workout from your home before or after work and burn more calories to help you reach your goal. 

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Our services

Program Design

Tell me your fitness goal and you will have a custom workout program built for your goals.

Nutrition Program

You can lose weight or gain weight all depending on how much protein you bring in. Eat to lose weight.

Body Measurements

Once a month we do a 6 point test to track your inches gained and lost.

Body Fat Tracker

Finding out your body fat % every month is a great way to motivate and see results.

Meal Prep

Planning and preparing your meals every week will teach you what to eat.


Learn what supplements will help you recover faster and help you achieve your goal.

Featured Training STyles


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. There are a number of exercises with a variety of forms to choose from that we mix cardio with to give you the best workout of your life. You can burn the most calories and get the fastest results with HIIT workouts. 

Olympic Lifting

When it comes to Olympic Lifting I call it a traditional style of working out. With this type of training method it’s all about Reps and Percentages. We find your 1RM (1 Rep Max) on your lifts then incorporate that into a training program for you. You can workout from home if you have the equipment or go to the gym on the days you are not training with me. 

Age Specific

Everyone has their own fitness level and every Client has their own needs. With designing a program your previous injuries and new goals are all taken into consideration. 

It's time to crank it out!

What's your goal?

Everyone has their own fitness goal and starting point. 

About us

6 years of In Home Personal Training and Nutritional Guidance gives us an edge over the competitor. 

Our mission

Be the #1 At Home Fitness company in the Twin Cities.


  • Workouts 1:1 or 2:1
  • Body Measurements and Fitness Test
  • Nutrition Program

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